Every 35 minutes a new medical technology reaches the market; however, only a fraction of companies will demonstrate enough value to achieve market adoption. Our job is to ensure that you are one of them. Welcome to ValueConnected.

Published data shows that medical technologies generate less than 10% of total healthcare costs. So why is there so much focus on price of medical technologies, then? Because most medical companies cannot demonstrate the value of their products, and instead focus on their price.

"Healthcare systems are tightly managing budgets and relying on economic assessments to balance clinical decisions. As a consequence, decision-makers demand that companies to quantify and demonstrate the value of their medical technologies"

— ERNESTO M. NOGUEIRA, CEO and Founder, ValueConnected

Our Mission is to demonstrate the value of medical products to accelerate their accessibility for patients and providers.

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From strategic analysis to field implementation, we strive for generating results for our clients.

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Every day, healthcare decision-makers are faced with choosing which medical products they will buy. Time is limited, and the information available is often insufficient or too complex to make effective decisions.

Our team knows that companies make substantial investments to develop and launch medical innovations that will benefit both patients and healthcare systems. Unfortunately, on many occasions, companies are not able to directly engage with stakeholders and thus cannot properly communicate the value of such products. In order to justify the prices of their products, teams must properly demonstrate their value.




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