Every month, thousands of medical products are launched on the market, yet only a fraction will demonstrate enough value to achieve market adoption.

Our job is to make sure yours is one of them.
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While the medical industry is one of the most innovative in the world, the healthcare market is bound by a limited budget.

To succeed in launching a new product, medical companies must break traditional boundaries and work to integrate sales, marketing, health economics and reimbursement strategies into a single, comprehensive approach that must clearly demonstrate the value of their product to stakeholders.

As the healthcare market evolves, so too does the demand for clear value. Are your teams prepared to demonstrate it?

Welcome to ValueConnected.


Communicating value


Every day, healthcare decision-makers are faced with choosing which medical products they will buy. Time is limited, and the information available is often insufficient or too complex to make effective decisions. Consequently, price becomes the number one factor in purchasing decisions.

Our team knows that companies make substantial investments to develop and launch medical innovations that will benefit both patients and healthcare systems. Unfortunately, on many occasions, companies are not able to directly engage with stakeholders and thus cannot properly communicate the value of such products.

In order to justify the prices of their products, teams must properly demonstrate their value. Here, value is defined as the perceived clinical and economic benefits of a product, and companies that adhere to this definition will position themselves as providers of effective solutions to healthcare needs, competing on more than just prices

Ultimately, the market demands value, not lower prices.

Market demand for evidence

In the past, companies had the ability to focus solely on safety and efficacy. Today, in such a fast-paced environment, companies must communicate efficiency and value above all else.

Case Studies

Increasing sales before reimbursement

A global leader in orthobiologics experienced consistent sales growth following reimbursement approvals for one of its products. However, negative decisions from local authorities in one of the largest European markets had the power to block coverage and use. How could the company expand sales and demonstrate value to reverse the situation? [...]

Demonstrating value to buyers

A global medical device company used results from various clinical studies to achieve strong initial sales of their innovative therapy. It wasn’t long before decision-makers increased their demand for evidence, requesting information about prices and the effects of the therapy. Could the company integrate both clinical and economic perspectives into an effective sales argument? [...]

"Value is perception. More precisely, the perception of market decision-makers on how your product will benefit them both clinically and economically.” For the first time, many healthcare systems are cutting budgets and relying on economic assessments to balance clinical decisions. New decision-makers in the market have impelled companies to adapt and relay a different type of message than before. Our goal is to position you and your teams to communicate your product’s strengths, while ensuring that your company invests in what will bring them the most effective results and biggest sales.
- Ernesto M. Nogueira, Managing Director, ValueConnected

Some of our customers

“The project with ValueConnected exceeded our expectations and we are in a much better position to define our strategy and move ahead with our goals now.”

— Market Access Director, Leading Orthobiologics company

“ValueConnected clearly understood our business goals and developed a tool that supported our Sales Teams bringing even further results.”

— Giovanni Di Napoli, European Sales & Marketing Director GI Solutions, Covidien

“ValueConnected brings a unique skillset of being able to excel at marketing, market development and health economics and reimbursement, defending value credibly in a healthcare environment that is easily eroded by pricing pressure.”

— Vice President EMEA, Global Medical Device Manufacturer

“The ValueConnected team has a sound knowledge of reimbursement processes and the capability to focus on customer needs, combining a high level analysis of the healthcare landscape with a more practical approach to product commercialization, and translating all this into a simple and detailed action plan.”

— EMEA Marketing Director, Critical Care and Surgery company

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