7th 2023 MedDev e-Marketing Summit:

ValueConnected shows how MedTech digital marketers can shift the discussion from Price to Value


The 2023 MedDev e-Marketing Summit was held in San Diego, USA, July 25-26. In its 7th edition, this interactive and dialogue-driven event brought several panel discussions. It featured “TED-style” talks, keynotes, hands-on sessions, engaging case studies, and roundtables, providing access to best practices, valuable insights, tools, and techniques.



In this year’s event, ValueConnected was not only one of the main sponsors but our own Ernesto M. Nogueira was honored to chair the event. The whole ValueConnected team present. We were able to exchange ideas and experiences around successful digital marketing strategies applied in the MedTech industry.

During our session “Value Apps: Shifting the discussion from Price to Value,” Ernesto outlined the factors that made it stand out as a unique tool to turn life sciences companies from suppliers into partners of healthcare stakeholders. Over ten years of customer feedback and interactions enabled ValueConnected to develop customized and interactive economic models that boost engagement with economic stakeholders and provide commercial teams with a script with the main talking points.



The session featured one case example in which hospital administrators could only see the benefit of a patient monitoring tool after the Value App shed light and calculated the hidden costs of extended patient stays due to common complications. This successful case enabled 5x higher website visits and a 50% increase in hospital meetings, leading to a 15% increase in sales.

Our Value Apps are commercial tools that quantify the clinical and economic benefits of medical technologies from a decision-maker’s perspective. These tools combine the best available evidence with state-of-the-art interfaces to illustrate to buyers the benefits of purchasing your medical products.

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