Shifting the Conversation from Price to Value:
Discover the Power of Value Apps


In today’s competitive healthcare market, the discussion often revolves around price. But what if we could shift the conversation to value? That’s where ValueConnected’s innovative product, Value Apps, comes into play.

Value Apps are not just commercial tools; they are game changers. They empower decision-makers to understand the full spectrum of benefits a medical technology offers, moving the conversation away from price and towards value. These benefits include clinical, economic, and organizational advantages that build a compelling value proposition for any medical technology.



Imagine being able to demonstrate not just the positive effects your medical technology has on patient health but also the financial advantages and efficiency gains it offers. Value Apps make this possible by combining the best available evidence and detailed economic modelling in a user-friendly interface, allowing companies to quantify their medical technologies; value to payers, providers, and other healthcare stakeholders, elevating the conversation from transactional to strategic. But the benefits of Value Apps don’t stop there.

They also provide a platform for consistent messaging across teams, streamline collaboration across geographies, and translate complex data sets into tangible value. With Value Apps, you can deliver engaging talking points that resonate with your customers and foster stronger relationships.



In essence, Value Apps are more than just tools; they are a catalyst for change. They empower companies to demonstrate value, shift the discussion away from price, and build stronger, more strategic customer relationships.

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Let’s shift the conversation from price to value together and empower your company to demonstrate the true worth of your medical technologies. Don’t just tell your customers about the value you offer – show them with Value Apps.

We’re ready to help you move away from being a medical supplier and become a healthcare partner to providers and payers.

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