GenexAI is revolutionizing Value Dossier’s updates


In the fast-paced Life Science industry, staying ahead of the curve with the latest research and data is crucial. But with hundreds of new publications to consider, updating your Value Dossier can be time-consuming, often taking up to six months. This delay can impact your reimbursement applications and the development of new product materials. But what if we told you there’s a faster, more efficient way?



Introducing GenexAI, a sister company to ValueConnected, specializing in AI solutions for the Life Science industry. GenexAI’s Systematic Literature Review can screen, assess, and include/exclude all new publications in record time. GenexAI’s Data Maven can also learn the structure of your Value Dossier and update it using the results from the Systematic Literature Review.

Unlike most AI solutions, GenexAI’s process is meticulously checked and validated by a Ph.D. team, ensuring a 100% accuracy rate. This unique approach led to a staggering 90% reduction in the time needed to update the Value Dossier for a global diagnostics company. The company was able to review and incorporate insights from over 800 new publications, ensuring that the most recent and relevant evidence backed their reimbursement applications and product materials.

Key Benefits of GenexAI:

  • Reduced Value Dossier update time from six months to two weeks.
  • Met reimbursement and marketing deadlines with up-to-date information.
  • Applied the latest evidence to support value messages.

With GenexAI, you can meet all deadlines, deliver up-to-date information to your commercial teams, and secure a competitive edge in your market.



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