GenexAI Shines at the III International Health Audit Congress


We are thrilled to report on the successful participation of Ernesto M. Nogueira, who is also CEO of GenexAI, at the III International Health Audit Congress organized by ABEA, the Brazilian Association of Nurse Auditors, in Fortaleza, Brazil last September. The congress was a vibrant gathering of national and international speakers, all focused on the importance of Auditor Immersion in Health Technology Assessment.



Ernesto’s presentation was a testament to GenexAI’s commitment to driving forward the application of responsible AI in the medical technology sector. He showcased several case studies from GenexAI, illustrating how responsible AI has been instrumental in developing systematic literature reviews, Value Dossier updates, and clinical summaries.

Responsible AI, as Ernesto explained, is more than just generative AI. It incorporates specialized human knowledge to verify and validate the results generated by AI. This approach is at the heart of what GenexAI does, ensuring that AI is not only innovative but also reliable and accountable.


GenexAI’s use of responsible AI has the potential to revolutionize health technology assessment reviews. By accelerating these processes, GenexAI can provide professionals with faster, more accurate, and lower-cost analyses. This enables healthcare professionals to focus on what truly matters: making informed decisions that will directly impact patient care and health outcomes.

Ernesto’s presentation was met with great enthusiasm, highlighting the significant role that AI can play in enhancing the delivery of value to patients. It was a powerful reminder that the fusion of technology and human expertise can pave the way for a more efficient and effective healthcare system.



We are grateful to ABEA for their invitation and for organizing such a fruitful event. It was an honor to share our insights and learn from other industry leaders. Thank you for your continued support of ValueConnected and GenexAI as we strive to innovate and improve healthcare through technology.

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