How ValueConnected Converts Four Major Pain Points into Growth Opportunities for Medical Companies


In the dynamic landscape of global healthcare, Life Sciences companies face multiple challenges, each requiring meticulous strategy and execution. Let’s delve into these challenges and the strategic solutions that ValueConnected brings.

Healthcare professionals looking over market strategy documents

1) Paving the Path for Optimal Market Entry

For many medical technology companies, selecting the right countries and crushing the complexities of new markets can seem like navigating a labyrinth without a map. Understanding the importance of prioritization—where to launch and invest first —cannot be overstated. And this is where ValueConnected steps in with its strategic arsenal.

ValueConnected’s Approach: Utilizing our deep knowledge of market analytics and healthcare systems, we develop customized entry strategies for your company. Our Market Roadmaps include comprehensive assessments of market dynamics, competitive analysis, and reimbursement hurdles. We work alongside your team to ensure that resources are directed to the most promising markets, fostering a streamlined market entry path designed to optimize return on investment and speed to market.


2) Combating Price Pressure through Value Demonstration

Price pressures, a symptom of misunderstood product value, often squeeze the medical industry. For stakeholders to appreciate the true worth of medical technologies, companies must illustrate their impact across the patient pathway more convincingly.

ValueConnected’s Approach: At ValueConnected, we guide companies to understand better and articulate their products’ clinical and economic impacts, demonstrating how they impact the business models of healthcare institutions such as payers and providers. We assist in quantifying and communicating this value through advanced analytics and collaborative workshops. Ultimately, you will be able to withstand price pressures and sustain profitability by positioning your company as a partner rather than just a supplier.



3) Crafting Convincing Value Communication

Companies often stumble when shifting from product feature promotion to demonstrating their value to payers and purchasers. This transition from a technical pitch to a value proposition can be unsettling for commercial teams, who may also need to engage with stakeholders they are not familiar with.

ValueConnected’s Approach: We empower commercial teams with cutting-edge digital tools and educational resources, creating a validated script based on rigorous data and case studies. This script underlines key value messages that resonate with local decision-makers. Our approach ensures that teams confidently engage with stakeholders, translating technical prowess into measurable outcomes.


4) Overcoming Obstacles in Reimbursement and Market Access

Gaining reimbursement or funding for your medical solution is a complex process for which local requirements and dynamics constantly change. Both companies and healthcare providers struggle with identifying how products, drugs, or procedures could get paid for.

ValueConnected’s Approach: Our decades of knowledge come to the forefront as we map local reimbursement and funding pathways, often finding applicable payment mechanisms that could immediately drive market adoption. We tailor a comprehensive strategy that addresses local decision-makers specific evidence requirements and needs. By establishing a clear and compelling case, we streamline the reimbursement process, boosting the likelihood of your product gaining market acceptance.



At ValueConnected, we are experts at transforming pain points into opportunities. With our targeted, evidence-based value strategies and seasoned implementation services, we equip Life Sciences companies to tackle their most pressing challenges and turn them into strategic advantages. Partnering with us means going beyond mere survival in a competitive industry—it signifies a commitment to thriving, growing, and leading the way in healthcare innovation.

Together, let’s redefine the future of healthcare delivery.

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