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Earlier this month ValueConnected participated in the Market Access Leaders Forum in Berlin, a three-day event bringing together several industry executives, official Health Technology Assessment agencies and experts from several areas in the Medical Device and Diagnostics area. As always, NextLevel organized a great event with a perfect flow of sessions across the event streams.

In this article, we briefly review the participation of ValueConnected, which includes a Paralympic wheelchair race!

What do HTA agencies really want?

Ben Modley, Senior Project Manager, presented the session “Translating HTAs’ Needs Into Actual Value Stories”, in which he described effective ways medical companies should understand the 3 questions from every HTA agency:

  • Who is the target population?
  • How effective is the technology versus standard of care?
  • How much does it cost?

As one of the most important take-aways, Ben used the case of a medical technology that was twice recommended by the NICE in the UK, while being rejected by the German Authorities.

Demonstrating Value for Hospitals

On the second day, our Managing Director, Ernesto M. Nogueira, presented the session “Translating Hospital Needs Into Actual Value Stories”. This presentation focused on the different budget and time-horizon perspectives of medical providers, which are very different from payers.

Ernesto explained how companies should combine Market Access and Commercial teams to understand the needs of hospitals and respond to them with specific and effective approaches. After all, teams – and not tools – demonstrate Value.

And more…

On the third day, Ernesto was the Chairperson for the Market Access for Surgical & Implantable devices session, where the speakers and audience focused on the important aspects of aligning internal stakeholders to demonstrate value to external decision-makers.

However, it all started on the end of the first day, where the event attendees and speakers were invited to a guided tour of the Otto Bock Science Center Exhibition & Berlin Viewing Area. Everyone got the chance to learn more about the prosthetics designed from applications ranging from regular use to advances sport prosthetics.

And yes, that’s Ernesto again in a simulated Paralympic wheelchair race. After the simulation, our Managing Director achieved three things: the first place in the race, even more respect for Paralympics and a pair of sore arms that lasted for the entire event!

Contact us at if you want to learn more about HTAs and/or Hospital needs, we will send you the presentations made by Ben and Ernesto in Berlin. We look forward to seeing you in the next event!

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