Introducing Our New Services Solution Pathway: A Triple-Layered Approach to Market Success


We are thrilled to announce the launch of our innovative Services Solution Pathway at ValueConnected, designed to streamline your market entry and ensure a successful product launch. This comprehensive approach integrates three key layers: Market Roadmaps, Field Execution, and Value Tools, each specifically tailored to empower your team and maximize your product’s market potential.



1. Market Roadmaps: Your Strategic Guide

The first layer of our Services Solution Pathway is the Market Roadmaps. These strategic analyses are designed to help you identify and prioritize markets that offer the most potential for your product. Our experts consider all critical factors, including commercial viability and reimbursement possibilities, to provide a comprehensive roadmap. This roadmap not only guides you to the right markets but also outlines the best strategies to unlock their potential.

2. Field Execution: On-the-Ground Support

Once the roadmap is in place, the second layer, Field Execution, comes into play. A dedicated member of the ValueConnected team will be deployed to provide on-the- ground support in implementing the required actions in the markets. This hands-on approach ensures that your teams have expert guidance and support at every step, from introducing the product to negotiating contracts and managing relationships.

3. Value Tools: Empowering Your Teams

The third layer of our Services Solution Pathway is our suite of Value Tools. We understand the importance of demonstrating the value of your solutions to stakeholders, and that’s where our Value Tools come in. We develop the Value Apps, which are customized digital calculators, and Value Dossiers, providing your teams with the tools they need to effectively position evidence that supports your product’s claims.



This triple-layered approach ensures a seamless transition from market analysis to field execution, backed by powerful tools that empower your teams. At ValueConnected, we are committed to helping medical technology companies like yours navigate the complex world of market entry and product launches. With our Services Solution Pathway, we believe we can make this journey smoother and more successful.

We look forward to partnering with you on this exciting new venture. Stay tuned for more updates on how our Services Solution Pathway can help your company grow.

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