Reimbursement is not an easy topic for either companies or providers. Behind every product is a complex mechanism of payments and incentives that have a significant and direct impact on how the market will use the technology. However, for most physicians and hospitals, it remains a mystery whether a certain product will be reimbursed or not, and if so, how it will be reimbursed.

With these questions in mind, the Commercial Team of Teleflex in Europe joined the OnControl© Reimbursement Training session, held on February 16th–17th near the Amsterdam Airport. The event was based on the findings of the Market Assessment project executed by Teleflex in 2014, with the contribution of ValueConnected for Market Access features.

The training began with all participants reviewing the general aspects of reimbursement as it specifically applies to commercialization, and how it varies based on local markets and their respective decision-makers. During this session, participants focused on the overlap between reimbursement, marketing, and sales , such as generating evidence, anticipating purchasers’ needs, effectively positioning product claims, and more.

The second part of the training reviewed the individual reimbursement aspects of OnControl© in Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, and Spain, with a detailed assessment of the relevant stakeholders and their perspectives and needs. There was a strong engagement from all participants, who were eager to learn from each other’s experiences.

By applying reimbursement aspects to a commercialization approach, Teleflex will have the opportunity to share knowledge and information with doctors, hospitals, and other providers. This enhanced approach to customers will certainly help position the company as a strategic partner that understands the business models behind OnControl© and helps decision-makers understand how a product is funded and its clinical and economic benefits to healthcare systems and patients.

“I’ve learned a lot and I think it was just the missing piece of the OnControl© puzzle,” said Jozefien de Groot, OnControl© Specialist, after the training.

All participants received a Certificate of Completion, which validates all of the new tools and arguments they now have on-hand when approaching non-clinical stakeholders such as purchasers and administrators.

ValueConnected is extremely grateful for the opportunity to work with the Teleflex team and would like to send a special thank you to Alessandro Moriggi, Marketing Director for Cardiac/Interventional EMEA, who helped prepare and coordinate the training.

We thank you all very much and look forward to hearing about your success in 2015!