Navigating the Price Justification Landscape: Strategies for Success
in 2024


In the rapidly evolving healthcare sector, where innovation is at the heart of progress, the challenge of justifying the price of medical technologies and drugs has never been more pressing.

As we move into 2024, Directors and VPs of Marketing and Market Access within the Pharma and Medical Technology industries find themselves at a critical juncture. The balance between delivering cutting-edge medical solutions and demonstrating palpable value to payers and providers is a delicate one. At ValueConnected, we believe that understanding and strategically navigating the price justification landscape is key to success in this dynamic environment.


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The increasing scrutiny from regulatory bodies and the demand for transparent, value-based pricing models have pushed companies to adopt more sophisticated market access strategies. The goal is to convincingly demonstrate the intrinsic value of their offerings, a task that requires not only a deep understanding of the market but also a robust framework for communicating this value effectively.


Adopting a Proactive Go-To-Market Strategy

2024 demands a proactive approach to go-to-market strategies. This means not waiting for regulatory pressures to dictate the pace but instead, anticipating market needs and shaping product development with value demonstration in mind. For instance, incorporating real world evidence and health economic studies early in the development process can provide compelling narratives on the cost-effectiveness and societal benefit of new technologies or drugs.

The Art of Crafting Compelling Value Dossiers

A well-constructed value dossier is an indispensable tool in the market access arsenal. It encapsulates the value proposition of your product, backed by data and analyses that speak directly to payer and provider concerns. Effective value dossiers transcend basic product information; they tell a story that connects on a clinical, economic, and emotional level. Highlighting how a product can not only improve outcomes but also facilitate operational efficiencies or address unmet needs is critical. Leveraging ValueConnected’s expertise in creating these dossiers can significantly enhance a product’s market access potential.

Leveraging Economic Models for Transparent Pricing

Economic models play a pivotal role in illustrating the long-term value of medical technologies and pharmaceuticals. These models provide a transparent, data-driven framework for pricing, helping stakeholders understand the rationale behind costs. By demonstrating how a product can lead to cost savings or prevent costly interventions down the line, companies can make a compelling case for their pricing strategies. ValueConnected specializes in crafting these economic models, ensuring they are both rigorous in analysis and aligned with market expectations.

Engaging with Thought Leadership and Success Stories

The insights from industry leaders and success stories from those who have navigated the price justification landscape successfully offer invaluable lessons. Incorporating quotes and case studies into your market access strategy not only lends credibility but also provides practical frameworks that can be adapted to your own efforts. Real-world examples of successfully deployed Go-To-Market strategies, value dossiers, and economic models serve as beacons to those crafting their approach for 2024.


In conclusion, as the demand for transparent and value-based pricing continues to grow, the ability to effectively justify the price of medical technologies and drugs becomes paramount. By adopting a proactive go-to-market strategy, crafting compelling value dossiers, leveraging economic models, and learning from industry leaders, companies can navigate the price justification landscape with confidence and success.

“ValueConnected’s expertise was pivotal in assessing the viability of introducing our new product to European markets and optimizing the value of our existing portfolio. Their insights significantly influenced our strategic decisions.”

Scipione Casari, Marketing Director, Senior Marketing Director, Merit Vascular – Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific


At ValueConnected, we stand ready to assist in charting this course, ensuring that your products not only meet the market’s needs but do so in a way that clearly articulates their unique value.