The Unseen Side of MDR:

Marketing Collateral Goes to a Different Level


The MDR (Medical Device Regulation) process is much more than a regulatory approval process in Europe. It is a value demonstration map that can significantly improve market access and commercialization of medical technologies.

Last month we discussed how companies might transform technical features into unique value messages. And that eventually leads to the possibility of dramatically reinforcing product brochures, value dossiers and any other materials to support value demonstration. Now we analyze the third reason why Marketing and Sales teams should focus on the MDR.



Reason 3: Marketing collateral goes to a different level

Marketing teams know the importance of preparing materials to support Sales teams when engaging with their clients. And because each market has its unique demands and characteristics, local materials must be developed and implemented.

The problem is the more ‘localization’ there is, the higher the risk of diluting the core value messages of the technology. Back to the MDR process, companies will be one or two steps away from transforming the application into a Value Dossier and deploying this single-source document to guide international teams on demonstrating value and what evidence should support it.



And with the Value Dossier on hands, it will be a matter of re-structure to create Value Tools such as Clinical summaries, Evidence Navigators, Value Message Guider per stakeholder and many others. All aligning with the same core value messages.

Consequently, companies will be able to point different local teams in the same direction, so they can use the same value messages yet adapted to their specific market conditions, such as cost structure and patient pathway.

The main goal is consolidation and efficiency. Instead of leaving the MDR application on digital shelves, medical technology companies can and should use it to build different Value-Based Marketing Tools and support various teams across the organization.



Moving forward

Here we conclude an overview of three reasons why Marketing and Sales teams should see the MDR as a value demonstration map, and not only a regulatory process.

  1. The MDR leverages Value Messages
  2. Companies will transform technical features into unique value messages
  3. Marketing collateral will go to a different level

With the increasing number of medical technologies in the market, it is becoming more important to leverage value messages on credible and validated references, and that is exactly what the MDR process brings.

There is a huge opportunity for companies to revisit their existing products materials or position product launches in a more credible and compelling way for healthcare stakeholders. For companies that understand it, the MDR will turn Europe into a promising market for medical technologies that generate value.


The MedTech Forum



We at ValueConnected will continue to emphasize the relevance of the MDR for Market Access and Commercial strategies. You are invited to join our session “Leveraging the Medical Device Regulations (MDR) for Commercial Success: 3 Strategies for Value-driven Sales” at the MedTech Forum that will take place in Dublin, Ireland, on 31/May at 2pm.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the MDR.

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