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The ValueConnected Pathway to Value


ValueConnected combines in-depth market access knowledge with commercial experience to assess the entire patient journey and find where your technology can create the most Value.

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Value Dossiers: Strategic Foundation

In the ValueConnected strategy, we provide the clinical and economic foundation for the value messages in our Value Dossiers. They consolidate a series of key messages designed to help you communicate with your target audience clearly and concisely.

These dossiers will provide you with all the information you need to understand how your technology compares to other treatments. We aim to provide you with an evidence-based, clinically robust toolkit that will allow you to present your value proposition effectively.

Market Roadmaps: Tactical planning

The Market Roadmap is a strategic tool that allows you to identify the best countries and regions where your products could have a higher chance of success. It considers the market size, reimbursement and funding structure, and competitive landscape, among other factors, in each country or region. You can also define what countries you would like to focus on to increase your sales volume or market share over time. This module’s primary purpose is to identify growth and threats opportunities for each country or region to optimize your market access and commercial efforts accordingly.

Field Execution: Implementation of the plan

Our team joins your commercial teams on-site at all stages of your commercial plan. They help you identify the right stakeholders, their needs, and how they relate to your company’s value proposition.

ValueConnected’s field experience enables us to provide an unprecedented personalization level, leading to faster market adoption, more focus on Value than price, and more substantial commercial results.

ValueApps: Customized value tools

Our Value Apps have been pivotal to many economic stakeholders because they can input changing scenarios and see the positive impact of the technologies in their businesses. For example, a large network of hospitals can estimate the adoption of certain innovative technology and see the estimated impact on their productivity, clinical outcomes and costs.

With these Value Apps, providers and payers understand the trade-offs involved with each decision and make better-informed choices about how your products will create more Value for their organizations.

We focus on your journey


Doctor working on iPad
Doctor working on iPad


Our solutions are synched with our customer’s journey and help them address challenges from strategy to field.

Focusing on our customer’s journeys and challenges creates a win-win: by pinpointing these potential pain points, we can see where our solutions can bring Value.

The Value Journey is the macro strategy for how we serve our customers. It sets the tone about what to expect from the solutions we build for many different medical technology companies. Combining industry market access and commercial expertise with customer-centric solutions creates unmatched Value.

That’s how we do things at ValueConnected. We are not consultants. We are implementers.

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