Unveiling Value Apps at the 2023 MedDev eMarketing Summit


We are thrilled to announce that ValueConnected will be a key participant in the upcoming 2023 MedDev eMarketing Summit in San Diego on July 25th. We invite you to join us as we introduce our innovative solution. Value Apps, a game-changing digital platform designed specifically for medical technology companies.



In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, payers and providers insist on discussing price. Shifting their focus to value has been a significant challenge for many medical technology companies. Our session at the Summit will showcase how Value Apps can help navigate this change. We will transform the conversation from price to value, and ultimately, enhance your market position.


What are Value Apps?

Value Apps are designed to streamline the communication process for commercial and marketing teams. They establish a clear and easily followable script. Value Apps also quantifies the impact of your solutions on the operations of hospitals, payers, and providers. This ability to articulate value over price is a key differentiator in today’s competitive market.

But we won’t just be talking about the potential of Value Apps. We will be sharing real- life cases. These will show how our platform has helped companies significantly increase their sales while protecting their prices. These success stories are a testament to the power of Value Apps and its potential to revolutionize the medical technology industry.



Why Value Apps are vital in today’s climate

The current climate in US hospitals, characterized by difficulties in managing margins and cost structures, creates the perfect momentum for Value Apps. Our platform positions medical technology companies as partners, not merely manufacturers. This strategic shift is crucial in today’s healthcare environment, where collaboration and value-addition are increasingly important.

We know that our session at the 2023 MedDev eMarketing Summit will provide valuable insights and actionable strategies for medical technology companies looking to stay ahead of the curve. We look forward to engaging with you and exploring how Value Apps can transform your company’s narrative from price-oriented to value-centric.

Join us on July 25th in San Diego. Discover how the shift from price to value can redefine your market position, enhance your sales strategy, and establish your company as a vital partner in the healthcare ecosystem.

We look forward to seeing you at the Summit!

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