ValueConnected and deepeye together in Shaping the Strategy for European Outreach


Munich, Germany, April 2024 – A strategic session unfolded in Munich as ValueConnected’s seasoned CEO Ernesto M. Nogueira met with deepeye’s visionary CEO Manuel Opitz and his expert team. This high-level meeting was a platform to discuss the insights and recommendations for deepeye’s imminent expansion into the European markets.


Ernesto and the deepeye team posing for a photo after their crucial meeting


deepeye’s mission

deepeye, a pioneer in ophthalmology care, is revolutionizing the field with its AI-backed solutions for therapy planning. These advanced analytics are a beacon of hope for managing retinal eye diseases such as age-related macular degeneration (AMD). They also have the potential to significantly reduce the prevalence of this condition, a leading cause of blindness across Europe.

Our collaboration

Our meeting focused firmly on the nuances of ValueConnected’s advice for deepeye’s expansion strategy. This was supported by solid Market Access and Entry plans. The conversation moved towards aligning deepeye’s technological offerings with the unmet needs across different European markets.

Ernesto and his team at ValueConnected provided invaluable insights. These insights will aid deepeye in its introduction and integration into different European healthcare environments. In addition, the group examined the necessity for deepeye to effectively communicate the economic and clinical benefits that its AI solutions offer, thereby building a compelling case for adoption amongst stakeholders and potential payers.

This shared goal of an informed and insightful approach to market expansion, fortified by ValueConnected’s experienced perspective and deepeye’s innovative technology, sets the stage for a strategic positioning of AI innovations within the European healthcare market, a journey we invite you all to be a part of.

Closing remarks

The collaborative effort between ValueConnected’s strategic guidance and deepeye’s cutting-edge AI technology is poised to revolutionize ophthalmological care across European health systems. This concerted and innovative approach underscores deepeye’s preparedness to scale its operations and make a substantial impact on the European healthcare industry, heralding a new era of advanced ophthalmological care.

To know more about deepeye’s pioneering shift in retinal therapy visit the deepeye website.