ValueConnected on the Move: New Partnerships


We are thrilled to share an exciting development with you. Our CEO, Ernesto M. Nogueira, recently met with Jiří Pavlíček, CEO of Aspironix and Chairman and Founder of IntMeDa (International Medical Devices Distributors Accelerator), at their headquarters in Prague.



The meeting initiated a promising collaboration between ValueConnected and IntMeDa on establishing a long-term partnership dedicated to integrating value demonstration and distribution.

The partnership will be uniquely designed to empower distributors to not only commercialize products but also generate value. By integrating ValueConnected’s strategic consulting expertise with IntMeDa’s distribution acceleration capabilities, we together aim to redefine the distributor’s role in the value chain.



We are excited about this partnership and believe it will lead to new opportunities and advancements in the sector. Stay tuned for more updates on this game- changing alliance as we continue to transform the future of medical technology distribution.

Because it is more than distributing medical products; it is about generating value.