ValueConnected’s Training Program Kick-off: A Resounding Success!


December 2023 marked the beginning of an enlightening journey for professionals in the Medical technology and Pharmaceutical sectors, as the first session of the Value Creation and Selling Training Program, masterfully led by Ernesto M. Nogueira, CEO of ValueConnected, unfolded in collaboration with IntMeDA: International Medical Device Distributor Accelerator.



This online training program’s inaugural session dove deep into the essence of ‘Value Creation and Selling’ setting a solid foundation for the upheaval of conventional selling techniques in the medical technology industry. Participants understood details about the crucial shift from product-focused selling to value- centric strategies, an approach that promises to redefine market engagement and customer satisfaction.

The session structure

The session was structured to dissect the intricacies of value creation, starting with a comprehensive understanding of what constitutes value in the medical technology sphere. Ernesto M. Nogueira eloquently highlighted the paramount importance of selling value, rather than products, paving the way for a more profound connection with client needs and aspirations. The participants were also taken through the value creation process, equipped with actionable insights and frameworks that can be instantly applied to their work environments.


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Session highlights

A highlight of the session was the case exercise titled ‘Identifying value in a medical technology product’ which allowed attendees to apply theoretical knowledge to practical scenarios, fostering an interactive and engaging learning atmosphere.

With the overwhelmingly positive response to session 1, anticipation is already building for the upcoming second session, ‘Overcoming Price Pressure and Competition’ slated for March. This is an invaluable opportunity for professionals to further enhance their strategies in navigating the competitive landscape of the Medical technology and Pharmaceutical industries.


Time is still on your side to secure your spot for this transformative session. For more information and to register, please reach out to Simon Jane at

Don’t miss out on this chance to propel your professional journey to new heights!