Value Apps

Value Apps

Typically, health economics models and analyses do not support sales. Instead, they focus on demonstrating the potential cost-savings generated by the use of medical products after a certain number of years. While there is nothing wrong with such an approach, it is simply not in line with short-term expectations of purchasers and budget holders.

Most medical products have the potential to bring substantial value to the market, yet the tools to demonstrate their benefits are insufficient. The challenge lies in how to commercialize both the technical and clinical features of a product.

Commercial healthcare decision-makers focus on cost; whether they can afford a certain product or not. Value Apps address these concerns with digitally-interactive models and analyses used in laptops, tablets, and smartphones (regardless of Internet connection). This approach is much more dynamic than printed brochures and static tables.

Value Apps are, in essence, commercial tools that quantify the clinical and economic benefits of medical technologies from a decision-maker’s perspective. These tools combine the best available evidence with state-of-the-art interfaces to illustrate to buyers the benefits of purchasing your medical products.

As in sales, no single tool is sufficient enough to drive results on its own. ValueConnected brings over sixteen years of commercial expertise to develop Value Apps designed to increase sales, while being intuitive enough for commercial teams. Companies often invest large amounts of resources to develop complex “economic models” that end up never being used simply because sales teams don’t have the time to learn them.

A common belief among medical companies is that to develop successful commercial tools, they must have the right evidence in place. While Value Apps are based on the best available evidence, the key to success is in highlighting the potential benefits of your product and providing real results, which, for decision-makers, can hold as much credibility as large clinical trials.

Our approach

At ValueConnected, our extensive experience developing Value Apps ranges from initially identifying evidence to finally developing effective layouts that will demonstrate value for market decision-makers. Because the human factor is vital, ValueConnected ensures that all Value Apps are perfectly deployed and teams feel ready and confident to use them. Because the human factor is the most important model to success, all Value Apps projects start by building the necessary confidence in commercial teams to use these tools.


Identify those markets with the strongest need for your product.


Bring senior-level commercial skills to collaborate with your teams.


Ensure your teams are prepared to effectively grab stakeholders’ attention.


Deploy point-of-sales tools to shift the discussion from price to value.