Field Execution

Companies have realized that the traditional marketing approach of describing product features is no longer sufficient to drive results. There has been an increasing need for professionals who can convert clinical and economic material into coherent statements for budget holders, purchasers and reimbursement authorities.

Companies can spend months searching for the right candidate to fulfill these needs. Meanwhile, they could be missing out on reimbursement deadlines, tender applications, and negotiations with group purchasing organizations, as well as opportunities to respond to economic decision-makers.

Given the pace of innovation and the dynamics of the healthcare market, companies cannot afford to wait months to bring in the right skills to demonstrate value. Even if they find someone, how can they ensure that they will have the professional experience to support commercial teams? After all, sales is typically considered short-term focused, while reimbursement is associated with long-term visions.

ValueConnected’s rapid execution is the allocation of a senior professional with strong commercial experience who is able to communicate value to both clinical and economic decision-makers. Based on our previous assignments, our rapid execution services have succeeded in supporting clients in several ways:

  • Preparing and submitting reimbursement and funding applications
  • Leading the process in participating in tender negotiations
  • Bridge the knowledge/leadership gap during a recruitment process for a senior market access professional
  • Organizing the consolidation of marketing, sales, health economics and reimbursement strategies
  • Collecting healthcare market information for building strategies to approach clinical and economic decision-makers
  • Training market-access professionals to increase their strategic role in organizations

Our approach

Though many situations could benefit from rapid execution, one common thread applies to all circumstances: companies are in immediate need for the right experience and the right knowledge.

It is important to clarify that Rapid Execution services do not replace the recruitment process. On the contrary, our goal is either to help clients with current projects while they are looking for other candidates, or to prepare current professionals to expand their roles.


Identify those markets with the strongest need for your product.


Bring senior-level commercial skills to collaborate with your teams.


Ensure your teams are prepared to effectively grab stakeholders’ attention.


Deploy point-of-sales tools to shift the discussion from price to value.