Adapting value messages to different stakeholders

A medical device company was uncertain about the benefits of its innovative technology to different healthcare providers. In addition, their evidence and marketing materials were not properly organized and teams had major challenges in knowing what to use, when, and to whom.

The company contacted ValueConnected, who interviewed medical experts and budget holders to validate the product value. The goal was to uncover the strongest needs of the market, and it quickly became clear that physicians would not know how to identify and capture the benefits of the product in the way it was being proposed.

ValueConnected then developed a Value Dossier to identify the specific product benefits for the relevant stakeholder groups and classify them according to the different perspectives of physicians, nurses, purchasers, finance departments and others.

The resulting Value Dossier had the clinical evidence and marketing materials organized to support the product’s benefits, also with a list of the key value messages fully in line with the identified market needs.

With the Value Dossier in hand, the company teams felt significantly more confident to engage the different stakeholders while applying a validated value story that drove acceptance and commercial results.

Do your teams have the right materials to approach decision-makers?