Generating sales before reimbursement

Behind every medical product there is a complex mechanism of payments and incentives that have a significant and direct impact on how the market will use the technology. However, most medical companies only focus on communicating product features and not value.

A large medical company needed to prepare sales teams to address the concerns of physicians and non-clinical stakeholders related to its products and engaged ValueConnected to apply its Market Access capabilities company’s commercial approach.

ValueConnected organized and deployed a complete training program for sales teams to review strategic aspects of Market Access, including the detailed assessment of several European markets.

By applying reimbursement aspects to a commercialization approach, teams learned how to approach and engage regional payers and purchasing managers, who had different perspectives and needs from physicians.

The project lead to the company positioning itself as strategic partner and accelerated sales within each of the markets.

Do you have the internal resources to demonstrate value to local stakeholders?