Demonstrating instant value to purchasers

A medical company received positive feedback from physicians regarding their latest clinical evidence. Despite the proven clinical benefits, local purchasers only focused on the product price and did not understand the value of the innovation.

Commercial teams could not successfully translate clinical evidence into a compelling message for purchasers. The company then decided to request the help of ValueConnected. Their goal? To create a value-based approach.

ValueConnected initiated the project with extensive interviews with purchasers and clinicians. ValueConnected uncovered the problems that could be directly addressed with the use of the new technology.

Once the major market needs were identified, ValueConnected trained commercial teams on how to approach purchasers.  Then, a simple-to-use app was developed to clearly demonstrate the value and the innovation of the product for purchasers and physicians.

The results were immediate: in a few months sales increased significantly and since then the company has requested other Value Apps from ValueConnected.

Do your teams have the right materials to approach decision-makers?